Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The following was my scrapbooking space before we moved.  This was in our bedroom!

Cardstock in rolling cart.

More cardstock behind the rolling cart in the paper tower.

Everyone is always interested to see others scrapbooking rooms and spaces, so this is my little space where I get creative.

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  1. Oh wow!! You have a WONDERFUL space. I'm looking for ideas for mine, so thanks for sharing your pictures!!. Where do you have your ribbons?.. It a black square ...what is that?.. I love your room.

  2. This is an amazing room I thought I had allot of stuff
    You beat me by a landslide
    I love your room
    Thanks for sharing
    The ribbon I love ribbon, fibers, paper, well ok all of it
    I just got some new glitter glue
    Its call sulyn swirl glitter I bought 6 bottles but I have to have to have more colors Im hooked
    Well thanks again for sharing, Im now following your blog I hope you are following mine Hugs and your great